As one of Lease Corporation of America's preferred customers, you should have received either a letter or e-mail extending a special $30,000 pre-approval offer to finance your next equipment purchase.


You have earned this special offer based on your relationship with LCA, your strong payment history and current credit profile.

Fill out the Contact Form to request more information about how you can take advantage of up to $30,000 of additional funds. You can also contact LCA via telephone at 800.800.8098 ext. 5122 or by e-mail at

Terms & Conditions
This pre-approval offer is subject to LCA’s approval of equipment list, vendor information and terms and conditions. If you have an active lease with LCA, all payments must be current and have never exceeded 30 days past due since the initial offer was extended. The company or personal guarantors also may not be in, or have gone through bankruptcy, reorganization or have any significant tax liens or judgments. This offer is valid through September 1, 2016.

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If you have received more than one pre-approval offer, the maximum pre-approved amount is $30,000, whether with one entity or split among other pre-approved companies. Multiple offers cannot be combined.